Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WebsiteBaker: Customizing Multiflex-5 theme to add new blocks

Customize Multiflex-5 to add new blocks, display icons and add content.

Recently, I was looking for website themes for my personal website, to use with websitebaker and found Multiflex-5 which I really liked for its features and its simple looks.

You will get all the info that you need to customize your template @ Multiflex:5.0. All you need to do is to find something that you like on the above site, right click on the webpage and select “View Page Source / View Source”. You basically browse down to the section that you are looking for, and use that in your template.

I wanted to add a new block and add content to it as shown in the picture below

Thought it might be useful for others who want to do the same, if I post this information. So, here you go!

In-order to add new menus or new blocks, you need to modify “info.php” under <installation dir>/templates/Multiflex-5/

The default template comes with two blocks named “News” and “Sidebar”. If you want an additional block or want to change the name of the existing blocks, “info.php” is the place to do it.
Once you have added a new block to “info.php”, it will be reflected in your (websitebaker) admin screen (Manage sections of a page) as shown below.

Note that “MyBlock” was added to info and it shows up in the drop down box in the Manage Sections page.

To add content to a block:
  1. Add a section to your page and place it under one of the block names in the drop down box.
  2. Modify “index.php” under <installation dir>/templates/Multiflex-5/, to pull the content into that block. The picture below shows a sample of how the “index.php” was modified to show the blocks.
Add Block - index.php
Additionally you can use different classes with your headings to display cool icons as shown below.
NOTE: When you modify the template "index.php" to display the content of the blocks, this will be done on all pages. If you do not add sections to other pages to provide content, empty blocks will be displayed.


[1] WebsiteBaker-Designer Guide

[2] Multiflex-5.0

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