Thursday, September 30, 2010

Developing Service Component Architecture (SCA) Applications Using Rational Application Developer (RAD) 7.5: Getting Started.

Service Component Architecture (SCA), Installation of SCA development tools in RAD and feature pack for WAS runtime, Development and Learning Material Links

Service Component Architecture (SCA) is an Open Service Oriented Architecture Collaboration’s (OSOA) emerging standard programming model.

Service Component Architecture aims to provide a model for the creation of service components in a wide range of languages and a model for assembling service components into a business solution - activities which are at the heart of building applications using a service-oriented architecture.” – [1]

Rational Application Developer (RAD) Version 7.5.2 introduced a new installable feature – Service Component Architecture Development Tools.

“This feature provides a concise set of tools for developing Service Component Architecture service components implemented with annotated Java, for graphically wiring components together to form new composite services, for associating protocol bindings and quality of service intents to Service Component Architecture components, and for packaging Service Component Architecture assets and deploying them to the WebSphere Application Server.” – [2]

SCA Development Tools: Feature Pack Installation

The easiest way to install the SCA development tools for RAD is using the Installation Manager.

When you are doing an install/modify/update, make sure you select the feature “Service Component Architecture Development Tools”.

Installation Manager : SCA Feature Pack

If you have Test Environment, make sure you also select “feature pack for Service Component Architecture” for the runtime to support SCA applications.

Learning and Reference Material

You can find very good documentation on SCA and how to develop SCA applications using RAD on the IBM Info Center. Please use the following links to learn about the same.

IBM InfoCenter: Development Reference
OSOA: Development Reference
IBM InfoCenter: Tutorials
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  2. Rational Application Developer (RAD) V 7.5 Releases: New Features And Enhancements