Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unable to Create Profile: Installation Issue with IBM Integration Designer V 7.5

Getting errors when you are trying to reinstall IBM Integration Designer V 7.5? See what you can do to resolve the issue.

IBM Integration Designer V 7.5 (previously called WebSphere Integration Developer) comes with IBM DB2 Express. Embedded Derby database was used with WebSphere Integration Developer.

DB2 Express Package with IBM Integration Designer V 7.5

IBM Infocenter has provided information for troubleshooting issues that you might face when installing or uninstalling IBM Integration Designer V 7.5. Check [1] in the references section.

Background: I was trying to reinstall IBM Integration Designer V 7.5 on a 64bit windows 7 system. I was able to successfully install and uninstall it for the first time. The reason for uninstalling it was to install DB2 Express with a different account which probably does not hold relevance here.

Issue: Re Installation of IBM Integration Designer V 7.5 with the test environment fails during the creation of a profile. As mentioned in [1] - “If you try to reinstall to the same location, or if you try to reinstall after a failed uninstall, the installation might fail because a new profile cannot be created.”

Resolution: IBM Infocenter [1] suggests that “If databases were created for the test environment, the databases must be dropped before you can create a new profile. If the databases are not automatically dropped during uninstall, you must drop them manually. “

Note that in my case, I had no prior DB2 installation on the system and the installation was done using the “typical installation” configuration from the Launchpad.

During the uninstallation process using the IBM Installation Manager, I had already uninstalled the DB2 Express also. How do I drop the databases manually when DB2 has already been uninstalled? Here is what I did.
  • Removed the “BPMINST” folder on c:\ drive.

  • Removed the “DB2” folder under c:\ProgramData\IBM.
DB2 Folder

For Windows 32 bit systems, find the corresponding folders and try to delete them if you are facing similar issues.

NOTE: If you are having issues deleting the above two folders, try restarting the system and deleting them again. Also, make sure that you either disable the anti-virus software during the installation process or provide full access permission for this program in the anti-virus software.

Once I deleted the above two folders, I was able to install IBM Integration Designer V7.5 and the test environment without any issues.


[1] IBM Integration Designer V 7.5: Troubleshooting the installation process.